Raising attainment through learner participation

Guidance, support and inspiration for teachers and school leaders to improve learner participation,
with positive impacts on whole school culture

Learner participation

‘Having a say’ in school repositions the experience of school and schooling as something useful – with an authentic sense of purpose. My published research shows that meaningful participation with impacts and consequences across four arenas: the formal curriculum, extended curriculum, in decision-making groups, and in connection with the wider community can impact positively on engagement, behaviour, well-being, achievement, and ultimately – attainment.

What it means to be literate is changing

Young people communicate and make-meaning in a variety of social contexts using mobile digital technology. But guidance for schools and teachers to purposefully harness these modern literacy skills in educational settings remains unclear. I offer support and inspiration for education professionals to better attune their pedagogical approaches more closely to the resources and skills that young people bring with them to learning.