Modern literacy practices and raising attainment

Guidance, support and inspiration for teachers and leaders to purposefully harness children and young people’s modern literacy practices, and evaluate their impact within educational settings.

What it means to be literate is changing

Young people have unprecedented access to mobile technology, and use digital images daily to communicate in a variety of social contexts. But guidance for schools and teachers remains unclear. I offer CPD workshops providing guidance and support for education professionals to purposefully harness the resources and modern literacy skills that children and young people bring with them to learning. 

Critical Visual Literacy

Children’s creative digital competences are often not accompanied by a corollary development in critical, reflective & evaluative skills: to know ‘what’ to do – just as much as ‘how’. I offer CPD and pupil workshops that equip teachers and help children – to better understand the possible benefits, responsibilities and potential consequences of our everyday, visually-mediated communication and meaning-making activities.